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Posting Content at the Right Times

There is a right time to post social media content

When was the last time you uploaded a new post and waited only to find no takers for it? Was it just yesterday? The reason may not be that your post wasn’t interesting but that, at the time, there was no one surfing.

Since there are at least hundreds of post every minute or so on these platforms, your post just disappears in the crowd.

What is the solution then? It is to devise the right time to post. Each social media account has its own right time.

The right time you should note

There have been a number of researches to find which the best time is to post so that the user will get maximum attention leading to likes and shares.

Instagram: Most researches find Mondays and Thursdays to be the best days while the best timings may be early morning, in the afternoon preferably the ‘lunch time’, or late night. The 3-4 pm timing is regarded to be unproductive.

Facebook: Barring the first three days, all other days are best. The right timings are after 8 am and in the afternoons but posting after 8 pm is considered to be not good enough.

Twitter: The weekends are considered not the right time for tweets maybe because most twitter users are professionals. So, weekdays are perfect to shoot those tweets but ensure you post them either during lunch time or in the evenings between 5-6 pm.

LinkedIn: Hootsuite research says the weekdays are the best days to post on LinkedIn and the timings they found to be right was all around 45 minutes past 7 am, 10 am, 12 pm and 5 pm. The team says that the 45-minute mark is because they found most brands are posting at that time.

The pointers to note regarding your posts

  • Adhere to the above timings. You can even conduct your own experiment on the best times and then post your most important content around the time.

  • Just because a certain time is regarded as the most effective does not mean you should not post at other times. You can but ensure your important post goes at the ‘right’ time.

  • To optimize the right time, optimize your content as well. Use the right hashtags and other links and references you want.

  • You can even find the trending topics at the time you post. For example, if you are posting in the mornings on a particular day, find about what is the hot topic doing the rounds. If your post is somewhat connected to the trending topic, add a hashtag and you will get the maximum attention for sure.

The advantage of posting at the right time is you stand a chance to get high visibility. At the same time, ensure your post is interesting. If there is a trending topic on and you do not have a post related to it, consider creating one, even if it is a single picture or few lines. When you say the right thing at the right time, you get what you want.