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Pro Tip: Free Fake Followers Checker For Instagram

In today’s Instagram Landscape having authenticity and engagements is the biggest reward for businesses, influencers, and brands. The authenticity of followers will be the difference if brands and companies want to sponsor a post on your page as they want to make the right investment to influence their target market.

It is the main requirement needed in order for brands, businesses, influencers to monetize through sponsored posts or collaborations. Businesses need to know they can promote a campaign in a genuine way to spread their brand’s message to real followers not fake. It’s highly important for brands, agencies to understand what type of followers they are investing it. Whether you are an influencer, business or brand, you want both parties to get what they want in order to build a successful marketing campaign (hopefully a long term one).

Instagram is a platform that lives and thrives on engagement. The more real interaction your profile gets, the more it’s rewarded by Instagram internal algorithm. Doing well on their algorithm means more views and new followers to your page which then makes it more attractive to potential clients/buyers to monetize your page. However, we highly suggest not trying to cheat the system by using fake followers. In the next section, we explain how you prevent this by checking fake followers using a free fake follower checker for Instagram.

Fake followers Checker for Instagram

Several of these Artifical Intelligence services and software are designed to help us spot Fake Follower Instagram Accounts which definitely are a massive problem nowadays and so you can achieve a successful campaign for your client or when buying influence through the platform.  Brands, Companies and Influencers are aiming to get great returns on their marketing influence campaigns so it’s absolutely important to identify real followers from fake followers and avoiding empty marketing and advertising campaigns.

Free Tips that You can use to find Fake Followers Account

  1. Doing Research Outside of the Instagram App – Start by Checking the brand, company, name, influencer – to see if they have built audiences outside of Instagram by simply googling them to what you see. You can possibly see their Facebook Page, Twitter, Review sites, etc to help see what kind of fans/followers are actually engaging on the page.
  2. Likes and Comments on the Engagement– Review the recent posts and the comments if the commenters have real and meaningful content with comments that are related to the posts
  3. The Story and Impressions Metrics on Instagram – You can ask for an Insights Screenshot of their last story views and impressions on the account
  4. Where are the Followers Located? Seeing the Demographics – identifying the geographic location of an account’s followers is highly recommended

Hype Auditor

Try using Hype Auditor app, here you’ll be able to check the authenticity of the comments, inorganic spikes in followers and also the engagement rates to know how legit the Instagram Account Influencer is. The highlights of this Instagram Follower Audit system are the audience’s quality score and the follower’s quality provided in their analytics.

By using an AI developed software, Hype Auditor scans will compare the likes and comments of the resulting data against the industry then providing an analytic report on how the Instagram Account ranks among other pages in the industry. However, this amazing tool is not for free, you have to pay for each report that you generate or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Final Words

Unfortunately, fake followers accounts exist because some people want to earn quickly by exploiting companies, brands and people that lack the knowledge of what’s real and fake. Instead of investing time in process of being a genuine account influencer they would rather create an illusion that ultimately does not help both parties.

So be educated and ready to take some time to understand your future influencer!