3 TIPS when buying an Instagram Account

Instagram like all Social Media are always evolving and making updates to improve their platforms. In a recent update, Instagram made major changes and warnings to those that were using unauthentic user activity – which includes buying followers, likes, impressions, etc. They either disabled the account or gave out warnings. Hopefully, this is will reduce the number of bad accounts being sold with fake followers and likes. With that being said, here’s a list of cautions you should look out for when buying an instagram account – Some will you definitely haven’t heard about:

  1. Low Engagements – When you inspect a page – you want to start at the followers total and then look at the account’s last 9 post. If the account has 10,000 followers, you would expect 3-20% likes to followers ratio (engagement rate) to safely assume that the account is not filled with fake followers or bots. If you notice the account only averaging 50 likes per post, simply move on to the next Instagram account you want to buy. 
  2. Comments –  comments are a real giveaway if the account is buying their engagements through fake followers and systems. Look for real comments on the post actually talk about the post- if the comments are suspicious and talking about other topics beware of buying the Instagram Account. 
  3. Account creation/1st Post – How long do you think a random person to create an account with 100,00 followers? You should safely assume more than a few months but if you can check the first post to be last week – you would want to check with the buyer why would that be. If you’re working with a marketing agency then it’s more understandable since they have the resources to buy traffic and advertisement for the account. 

These are 3 tips you can use to inspect an Instagram Account when you are trying to buy an account. We will put a few more tips over the next few weeks!

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